EESAAD is serving customers with a passion for excellence, EESAAD focuses on technological leadership in IT consulting science information tools that make a real difference. Furthermore, EESAAD’s vision is not limited to delivering IT
solutions, but bringing advanced technologies in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Network Automation.

Network Infrastructure

We ensure that the network can meet current and future business needs.

We help organizations transform their local area networks to support a more flexible workplace and enable a more productive workforce. We virtualize. We standardize. We optimize.

From designing wireless networks and assessing capacity to installing network components and re-configuring existing assets, our Local Area Network Services boost security, improve availability and increase agility.

To help our customers cope with the increase in devices, data, and digital services, we go beyond the switches and routers to ensure that the network can meet current and future business needs.

Our readiness assessments and services help organizations prepare their local networks for new technologies and greater business demand – from digital and mobile to embracing collaboration and the cloud.

We help organizations source and deploy local networks with the best technical solution and the most cost-effective solution from wired to wireless.

By working with us to enable more excellent connectivity and more robust security, organizations can support digital transformation, empower users and drive out business risk.

Network Monitoring

Your network is critical to your business. However, monitoring and managing its components, such as firewalls, routers, switches, and load balancers, can be time-consuming and often not the most effective utilization of your IT resources.

Offloading these tasks to us can free your internal IT resources to focus on more strategic business initiatives and improve the efficiency and reliability of your network through proactive monitoring and maintenance.

Enterprise Network Security

Together with our top-tier partners, we provide comprehensive and advanced enterprise network security assessment services to keep your network secure from threats. Our threat-centric and functional approach to security reduces complexity while providing superior visibility, continuous control, and advanced threat protection across the extended network and the entire attack continuum. Our complete end-to-end approach includes discovery, architecture, and deployment services related to all aspects of security, including firewall, VPN, and Intrusion Prevention Security.


Using virtualization and network overlays to deliver better connectivity, reduce complexity, and lower overall costs, SD-WAN is an alternative approach to designing and deploying enterprise WANs. SD-WAN moves the network into the cloud using a software approach, adopting a more application-centric model rather than relying on the traditional hop-by-hop routing.

With SD-WAN solutions from us, you can better meet the demands of mobile and real-time applications and, most importantly, accelerate your journey to the cloud.

Datacenter Network

Our Datacenter Network Services help organizations cope with more data and demand to accelerate their digital journeys. With expertise spanning software-defined networks, converged infrastructures, and virtualization, we help organizations utilize new technologies and new ways of working.

Datacenter Infrastructure

IT operations are the most crucial aspect of an organization. One of the main concerns is business continuity as companies rely on their information systems to run their operations. If a system becomes unavailable, company operations may be impaired or stopped altogether. It is necessary to provide a reliable infrastructure for IT operations to minimize any chance of disruption.

We help design simple, stand-alone, or fully integrated solutions to turn any room into a reliable, available, business-wise, and future-driven datacenter. We standardize or customize solutions & services for new builds or extend the life of an existing datacenter.

Complete Datacenter Infrastructure Management (DCIM) – open, cross-domain, and vendor-neutral interoperability enabling your datacenter to be business-wise and future-driven.

Enterprise Compute

We help organizations extract more excellent business value from their data by maximizing availability, quality, and integrity. We consolidate storage platforms. We simplify backup processes. We accelerate recovery. And we enable analytics.

Our Data and Storage Management Services enable organizations to cope with incredible data velocity, volume, and variety. We help our customers protect and manage data at the Core to enable users at the Edge.

​​​From deduplication and virtualization to multi-tiered architectures and hybrid infrastructures, we help define strategies, design solutions, and maintain environments.

​We take a holistic approach to data. We don’t just look at the storage infrastructure; we look at how our customers create, share and store data.

​Our industrialized approach, best practice methodologies, and repeatable processes minimize risk and maximize value for our customers. We increase utilization. We decrease costs. And we safeguard compliance.

​With our Data and Storage Management Services, CIOs can ensure data remains the lifeblood of the business, driving more significant growth, digitalization, and competitive Advantage.

Infrastructure Security

We help customers cut through the complexity of securing today’s hybrid IT infrastructures from virtual servers and storage appliances to wired and wireless networks.

Our Infrastructure Security Services provide the 24×7 protection organizations need to safeguard the availability and increase agility. We prevent. We detect. We defend. And we respond.

We constantly expand our infrastructure security capabilities from the virtual server to the operating system to address emerging threats before impacting the business and its users.

​By transforming existing infrastructures, optimizing security tools, and deploying next-generation defenses, we support the mobilization of the workforce and the digitalization of the business.

​We provide a suite of managed security services that safeguard business continuity and compliance from our Global Network Operations Centers and Operational Command Centers. We maintain firewalls. We monitor network traffic. And we manage events.