EESAAD Group of Companies

Information Technology

MMCC Technologies L.L.C.

Our Healthcare consulting team provides tactical, wide-range tailor-made guidance support to maximize the system performance. Our application and process redesign expertise improves clinical outcomes and revenues. Today’s industry gravity requires organizations to take a holistic approach to care delivery, and as such, MMCC Technologies prioritizes it to ensure all decisions embrace patients across the gamut of care. Our industry knowledge and proven portfolio of services and approaches help organizations achieve holistic success. We approach our clients’ challenges in a customized manner to back clients’ goals and to provide outstanding solutions to their needs.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Our specialized team, which we employ, will give you all the information you need when buying or selling a property and will guide you throughout the entire buying process.

EESAAD is inclined to empower our youth and the next generation and for that rightful motive, EESAAD plans to launch various start-ups and has been working on a handful of domains. The company aspires to diversify and expand the company’s operations and make inroads into both commercial and non-commercial sectors.